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At TubWorx, we believe that your shower or tub shouldn’t need to be replaced when a simple repair is an answer. Whether you’re tired of stepping into a bathtub or shower with unsightly chips, are nervous about deepening cracks, or are just tired of a leaking pump, TubWorx can help. For over 20 years, our team has helped families all across Utah fall back in love with their bathroom fixtures by expertly fixing minor and major issues. No matter if the job is big or small, we can help you make your bathroom feel new again…without those costly replacements!


Unsightly cracks in your bathtub can be annoying to see everyday at best, and a hazard for water damage or harm at worst. Over time, the material of your tub or shower, no matter how well it has worn, will wear. Whether your bath is made of acrylic, fiberglass, or porcelain, cracks are often inevitable. Cracks can happen due to lack of support, weight baring issue on too flexible a material, or years of heavy cleaning. In most cases, it’s simply a heavy item falling into just the right spot that can cause a small crack to form. In the unfortunate case of a crack, more moisture and water will find its way inside your tub. Of course, you can grab a fix-a-crack kit from your local hardware store, but fixing the crack isn’t the only step to reviving your fixture. If you’re ready for your bathroom fixtures to look good as new, TubWorx can help.



Whether you’re dealing with a small chip in an older tub or deteriorating tile in your shower, there’s a good chance the damaged material can easily be repaired rather than completely replaced. Replacing an entire fixture can be costly and is often an unnecessary expense. With the help of TubWorx, chips in your bathtub can be repaired, sanded, and resurfaced in as little as a day. In the case of showers, often homeowners opt to repair cracks and chips in different ways depending on the material. No matter if your fiberglass or porcelain shower requires a more resilient surface or your tile shower needs areas replaced, resealed, and regrouted, our team can handle it all.


Pump Replacement

Have a pump that’s leaking, producing a serious amount of noise, or has just simply stopped working? Stop that pump from being less than hardworking and have us repair it for you. Whether you’re looking to repair or replace a pump that prevents the endless running of pump and heater or one that senses water levels, we’ve got you covered. Traditional bathtub, shower, or jetted tub, we have experience with it all. We’re more than happy to repair your existing pump whenever possible, however, if we feel that replacement is the better, more efficient option for you, we’ll let you know!