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We fix chips, cracks, smudges, & motors/pumps. Bathtub & shower repair experts

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With our extensive repair experience, we have seen numerous types of damages done to tubs and showers. Whether the damage is done to pumps, motors, tub finishes or shower surfaces, we will make sure the repair is done with care and quality so that you won't have to worry about recurring damage.

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Trying to repair your damaged tub or shower on your own or with home remedies can be time-consuming and ultimately ineffective. Let us at Tubworx repair your bathtub cracks, shower tiles, and/or bathtub pumps so you can save time and money.

Bathtub Resurfacing

Bathtub Crack Repairs

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We provided repair services for bathtubs and showers. We can help you get your bathtub and shower looking like new. If you have smudges, cracks, or any need to have your bathtubs or showers resurfaced, then we can help. We also help remove and install new motors for bathtubs. We provide repair services for residential, commercial, student housing, apartments, hotels/motels, rentals, and assisted living properties.