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Scratches and Smudges

Whether you’re renovating an older bathtub, repairing a shower, or just purchased a new fixture, scratches and smudges can exist on bath products, new or old. When that happens, don’t let unsightly scratches and smudges downgrade the look of your bathroom. In the case of older tubs and showers, scratches and smudges are almost inevitable. However, normal wear and tear shouldn’t detour you from fixing an otherwise hardy fixture. 

Regardless of whether your fixture is made from porcelain, fiberglass, or acrylic, there’s hope for a fresh new look. Never again feel the need to pull the shower curtain closed when guests come over. No more hours spent trying to scrub away impossible smudges. With the help of TubWorx, you can have a bathtub or shower that isn’t cringe-worthy, but instead, looks clean and polished and new at the surface. What fixtures do we fix every day?

  • Inset bathtubs
  • Overlay bathtubs
  • Vintage clawfoot tubs
  • Walk-in showers
  • Sink fixtures

Why Does it Happen?

Over time, the surface of the fixtures in your bathroom becomes worn down. Even with great care and the use of non-abrasive cleaning products, many different events can happen that will break down the first layer of protection that your fixture has. First, you’ll begin to notice that the original sheen or gleam of your fixture has begun to disappear. You might even find that the surface seems unevenly buffed and even uncomfortable to use. If the surface has become worn, without the proper repairs, it can only continue to wear down. Before your entire fixture becomes vulnerable to the wear that happens on an exposed surface, contact the experts at TubWorx to stop the problem in its tracks.

The Process of Smudge and Scratch Removal

With the proper experience, removal of unsightly stains, smudges, and scratches is fairly simple. However, many of our clients have tried in the past to remove the damage from their bathtubs and walk-in showers, and sinks, only to create more damage to their fixture than there was originally. At Tubworx, we use only the finished products to renew your fixture, using a process of buffing and refinishing that works time and time again. Whether your bathtub has a single smudge or is scratched beyond recognition, our process has a quick turn around time, and the end result is an expertly resurfaced fixture that looks as good as new.

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If your bathroom fixtures are looking worse for the wear, it’s time to give the experts at TubWorx a call. With over 20 years of experience fixing a wide array of cosmetic and mechanical issues with bathroom fixtures, and are passionate about a job well done. Whether your shower needs resurfacing, or your bathtub needs a pump replacement, we’re here to help you create the bathroom sanctuary of your dreams.

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