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Renovated bathroom

At TubWorx, we believe that your shower or tub shouldn’t need to be replaced solely due to an outdated glaze, broken motor, or chips and cracks. For over 20 years, our team has helped families all across Utah fall back in love with their bathroom fixtures by simply repairing and resurfacing otherwise exemplary tubs and showers. Whether your fixture needs a simple reglazing or full resurfacing, our team can make your bathroom feel brand new without costly replacements.  


Has your bathroom seen better days? Is your tub worn down or walk-in shower faded? Replacing semi-permanent fixtures completely can be a costly expense and, more often than not, a full replacement isn’t necessary. Rather than replace a tub that you’re still happy with, resurface it instead. From stripping older finishes from your tub or shower and creating a newly smoothed surface to refinishing, we’ll revitalize your bathroom fixture. 

Why choose TubWorx for a resurfacing job? With our years of experience resurfacing tubs and showers of differing materials, we know how to make a less than perfect fixture look new again. Bring value to your home, create a cohesive look within your bathroom, and feel excited to relax in your tub or shower once more.


Scratch & Smudge

Over time, scratches, cracks, and unsightly smudges can plague our bathroom fixtures. Wear and tear are common in older tubs, but smudges can easily happen in newer walk-in showers just the same. Whether your tub or shower is porcelain, acrylic, or fiberglass, there’s always hope for a fresher looking fixture. No more hiding the messy scene behind a shower curtain, instead, feel satisfied by a perfectly clean surface with an even, glaze. 



Why replace when you can simply refinish? Save on astronomical replacement costs with a quick but impactful tub and shower refinishing. Whether you’re looking to update a fixture’s outdated color, or simply want a smoother surface, let the team at TubWorx help you bring your porcelain tub or fiberglass shower back to life. No matter the material, no matter the location, 

TubWorx has you covered. We’ve seen it all. Tubs and showers glazed avocado green, flamingo pink, and dandelion yellow. We love a retro look, but the popular colors of yesteryear aren’t always appealing to homeowners, potential renters, and future home buyers. Ditch the retro aesthetic and give your bathroom a new lease on life.